Dynamic Co. are the largest and most well-equipped surface preparation and coatings company in the East Mediterranean. The state-of-the-art equipment can be mobilised from their headquarters in Piraeus Industrial Park globally.

Services include cleaning or fuel ballast and cargo tanks and cargo holds to engine rooms and accommodation bocks. Their HP environmentally friendly water jetting equipment up to 3000bar can remove all hull coatings. The services are supported by a dedicated team trained to operate exceptionally. They are able to offer marine services not only in their workshops, piers and dry docks, but also on board. The combination of equipment and personnel ensures uninterrupted workflow with minimum repair time.


Fields of Expertise
Tank Repair / Coating
Hydro Blasting
Construction and Repair of Piping Systems
Water Jet Cutting
Underwater Services
Gas Free
Aluminum Welding & Fabrication
At Seas Services