Yard Area 78,000m2
Repair Berths 20,460 m2
Floating Quay 200m x 5m
Production Support Facility 75m x 30m
8 Quays
3,000m of Piers
1 Unloading Quay of 150m
Length Over All (m) 400
Breadth (m): 80
Docking Draft (m): 12
For Ships up to: 400,000 dwt
Length Over All (m) 360
Breadth (m): 66
Docking Draft (m): 11
For Ships up to: 350,000 dwt
Length Over All (m) 168.4
Breadth (m): 28
Docking Draft (m): 7
For Ships up to: 400,000 dwt

Drydocks Map