As part of its wider resilience framework development, CLA Consulting provides its clients with a full IT and information security capability across their corporate estate which, where applicable, also protects process control SCADA and OT systems found in engineering and industrial plant.

In conjunction with their technology partner Abatis UK Ltd they have further refined the technical anti-malware capability specifically to meet the needs of the maritime sector.  Abatis Maritime provides effective cyber security on the resource limited and often legacy IT and OT systems found onboard ships as well as the more modern onshore systems in shipyards and fleet management offices.

This provides a single common baseline of effective and efficient anti-malware capability across both onshore and offshore platforms.  It greatly enhances overall security and simplifies the management of multiple and occasionally mismatched IT systems.

Abatis is a unique Host Integrity Technology (HIT) software that will protect ships’ systems, maritime platforms, ICT networks and shore based infrastructure from all known and unknown