As part of its wider resilience framework development, CLA Consulting provides its clients with a full IT and information security capability across their corporate estate which, where applicable, also protects process control SCADA and OT systems found in engineering and industrial plant.

UH INTERCONNECT – secure high-speed, site-to-site VPN allowing multiple networks to mesh together over a secure upstream connection with no exposure to the public internet

  • UH VPN is a secure, fast and easy to use VPN platform, which facilitates seamless remote access to networked resources. Existing remote management traffic is encapsulated and secured, protecting the network whilst enabling uninterrupted user access. Once set up, connections are made through the UH VPN app which is available to download on all major platforms, and can be custom branded to the user’s specific design.
  • UH Cyber comprises highly sophisticated threat prevention equipment which actively blocks remote malware attacks in real time, regardless of the device or application. UH Cyber seamlessly integrates into existing networks by passively scanning all traffic in a ‘wiretap’ mode. This provides unparalleled levels of threat resistance to all devices with zero network infrastructure changes required.